Tea Tasting Review!

Last Thursday the class tasted several different teas.  After trying almost all of them, I decided that the sweet, floral, and light Jasmine tea was my favorite.  I ended up drinking too cups of the Jasmine tea. I loved how light it was, and although I drank my cups with honey, I tried each tea alone first, and Jasmine was by far the most bearable.  It was originally sweeter than most other teas, without making me feel sick or gross, unlike how I felt after ingesting the matcha. The matcha I was most excited for, considering that I had never tried it before and was aware of the internet craze over it.  However, I fear my expectations were too high because it easily let me down. The loose powder made it extremely unappealing to me, as if I had been drinking flour.  The green color did not aid in its appeal either. I added milk after the first plain sip, and then sugar after trying it with just milk.  However, even with all of that, I still found its cardboard-like taste unbearable.   I have somewhat of a sweet tooth, so I immediately disliked teas such as Lapsang Souchong, Longjing, and Tregothnan.  My least favorite happened to be the Lapsang Souchong, which I described the smell as teriyaki chicken, and the taste as bitter and meat-like. This tea was darker, just as its leaves. The leaves themselves were pungent, as I could smell them from a small distance, unlike other leaves that needed one to be quite close to be able to get a whiff.  Although I added honey to this one aswell, it did not compliment the original flavor, making it worse.  


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