Tea in Japan (based on a key idea from free write)

According to the text from Rikyu, I have thought of tea in Japan to be more of a journey than about the end product.  It is not about the materials that you have, as long as your heart is in it. In fact we are all capable of using makeshift tools for any part of the process, unlike in other cultures.  Tea in China and tea according to Orwell, is more about the final product and what it can do for you. Chinese tea culture is about the proper techniques and materials that will yield the best outcome.  Orwell believes that anything other than his exact preferred process is absurd. However, after reading Rikyu’s texts, it is obvious that in Japanese culture chanoyu is much more than the quality of the tea in the end.  It is about the meditation one reaches while making it, finding peace during the process. He talks about how none of the precise steps matter if your heart’s in it. If one puts their heart and soul into the process, they will come out the other end a superior, more serene person than when they began.  


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