Portfolio Review

I think that my “Analyzing my Analysis for a Formal Analysis for Analyzing Artwork” is one of my best pieces.  I love this piece because I feel like I took a risk in my subject.  I also felt very passionately about my analysis, and had fun writing it, which is why I believe this piece is better than the others.

I believe my “Tea in Japan (based on a key idea from my free write)” is my weakest piece.  I do not think I dug as in depth into the topic as I could have.  It seems I have only scratched the surface, and it is hard to read because it is so repetitive.  I definitely could have consolidated this piece, and edited it.  Although it may have been shorter, I think it would have been a high quality piece.

I believe that throughout my portfolio I have improved in many areas.  My analytical skills have improved, my risk taking, and my free writes.  I found that I thought deeper and in a wider range in regards to free writes.  I do believe I can elaborate and really stretch my ideas more in further works.  


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