How did tea conquer Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth century?

Britain has been increasingly taken over by tea from the 1600’s to the present day.  When tea hit the British markets, it had a slow claim to fame, peaking in the 1800’s.  Tea became a part of the Britsh culture, causing demands to rise.  It became a necessity to society and irreplacable.   This caused a huge demand for trade with China, and opened up the chinese markets to other things, such as drugs.  However, the creation of the East India company allowed tea prices to plummet and more people to enjoy it.  Just like in China, tea was not only a royal drink, but also infused in the entirety of their culture and class system. This further opened the market to those of all means, infusing it in their culture.    

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  1. good summary of the article. I found some missing details, thank you

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