Event Response One: Ada Limon

In September I went to Ada Limon’s talk about her poetry.  She read about ten poems, and my favorites were ones she wrote in a moment, about the most mundane or strage occurances.  I specifically recall one she wrote about roadkill. She turned a gruesome subject into an intruging self-reflection.  She wrote another called “The Dead Boy”, which was about her experience witnessing a young man die of an overdose.  She used these poems to work through her thoughts, and to grow past it after seeing something so terrible.  When she reads she exudes emotion, and talking about her mother and her experiences made her cry as she was speaking.  Witnessing her speak about what she loved was incredibly inspiring.

I enjoy writing poetry, and the advice she gave about writing was to be authentic.  She said that poetry helps her work through trauma, but that the hardest thing to write about is being happy.  She chanels her emotions into poetry, and if she writes a good poem about something terrible, she will be more at ease about the subject.

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