Community Garden (parts 2 and 3)

On Saturday the third of November, I took my parents to see the garden!  My parents are vegan, and are starting their own garden, so I decided to show them Muhlenberg’s garden.  We pulled weeds and basically cleared out the whole garden.  My parents were able to take some of the produce that we had picked, and were excited to cook with it.  I showed them where the compost was, because my dad just built a compost station in my backyard next to where their garden will be.  My parents loved being out there tending to the garden, and it made them even more excited to have their own.  As for me, it was interesting to be able to see the garden in full bloom one month earlier in comparison to its now barren state.  The next day I stopped in again to admire our work.  Although no one was there, I wandered around for a little bit, plucked some more weeds that remained from the day before, and admired the now blank canvas.  

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