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How does the journal enrich your understanding of the conflict between China and Britain?

The journal makes me aware of the tension between China and Britain.  The journal proves how bad the relationship between the two governments were, but it also shows the racism that is rooted in the British.  William Almack talks about how he hated the fireworks and seems unappreciative of their hospitality, although it is apparent …


How did tea conquer Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth century?

Britain has been increasingly taken over by tea from the 1600’s to the present day.  When tea hit the British markets, it had a slow claim to fame, peaking in the 1800’s.  Tea became a part of the Britsh culture, causing demands to rise.  It became a necessity to society and irreplacable.   This caused …


Analyzing My Analysis of a Formal Analysis for Analyzing Artwork

I read an excerpt from an art history textbook about how to formally analyze artwork.  It had been broken up into sections of how to analyze particular works of art, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, architecture, installation, digital, and performance arts.  I focused on the main pieces that I usually study and create which are paintings …